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Phlebotomy Certification Courses Online  
Phlebotomy is a clinical laboratory science profession that is concerned with blood extraction for use in clinical laboratory analysis and blood collection. Phlebotomists do not only perform tasks as drawing the blood of patients and blood donors, but they are also responsible to carry out clerical and routine laboratory tasks.
Phlebotomists sometimes may also inject fluid medicines and other related kind of drugs so as to treat their patients. They are also responsible to enter computer based information in some laboratories. In majority of cases phlebotomists are the frequently contact of a patients with a medical laboratory, therefore, phlebotomists must be possessing good manners. Besides, they must be able to offer a feeling of calmness to anxious and nervous patients, and involve with patients in pleasant small talk while they are undergoing unpleasant task. This all will be taught to you in phlebotomy certification courses online being offered at top accredited online universities and top accredited online colleges.
Training and Education
Training is essential for the enhancement of every career. Phlebotomists are educated accordingly to work in hospitals, labs, and other medical facilities. They are usually seen working in conjunction with nurses and doctors and deal patient mainly. An adult aiming to enhance a career in phlebotomy is required to complete phlebotomy certification courses online and must learn how to use needles, vacuum tubes and syringes.
Phlebotomy certification courses online being offered at top accredited online colleges and top accredited online universities may last 9-24 months. The training sessions include formal theoretical training and some supervised practice but the suggested education requires a student to cover a wide variety of subjects including genetics, immunology, blood groups, collection and storage of blood and components, donor processing, immune mechanisms, general administration, personnel administration, education and automated data processing.
All jobs that involve human interaction are regarded delicate. Similarly phlebotomists carry out delicate microsurgical procedure and therefore, must have significant training to get them ready for this responsibility. They must work well and with accuracy while under pressure. Safety is essential, and phlebotomists must take all precautions to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases. Phlebotomy certification courses online at top accredited online universities and top accredited online colleges are especially designed to make students thorough professionals.
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Career Outlook information
Employment of clinical lab workers, including Phlebotomy Technicians, is expected to grow with the growth of population and the high demand for laboratory tests, according to BLS. There are many openings in this field resulting from the need to replace workers who transfer to other occupations, retire, or stop working for some other reason.
In order to be a phlebotomist, doing phlebotomy certification courses online from one of the top accredited online universities and top accredited online colleges is important. This may include completing bachelor's degrees and some on hand training. Some professionals are able to combine education, specialized training, and on-the-job experience. Assistants, on the other hand, do not require as much education, but still require some amount of formal training.
Salary and Earnings
Although today it is getting harder to find fully qualified and trained phlebotomy technicians, the job is still attractive. The reported median annual salary of a phlebotomist for 2004 was between $11.98 and $14.34 an hour. There is also a great variation in salaries depending on location and the place of employment.
Top Accredited Online Universities and Top Accredited Online Colleges for Phlebotomy Certification Courses Online
The top accredited online universities and top accredited online colleges that offer phlebotomy certification courses online include:
  • Fortis College
  • College America
  • California College San Diego
  • Florida Career College
  • National College
  • Northeast Technical Institute
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